Simon brings history to life through fictional narratives. His work embraces a history of love, madness, and science, exploring the essence of war and passion.

Fans travel through time when reading his novels, sweeping across the landscape of 20th-century history and alighting on rarely-seen aspects of the two world wars and other key moments in time. A lifelong reader and student of history, he takes his readers into the deep, enticing world of his imagination.

“I love to journey into other people’s lives, to share their experiences and try to understand how they felt. My goal is to travel in a realm without borders, where everything is possible using only words. I employ the latest publishing and digital channels to introduce my stories to the world.”



Simon reveals the creative processes involved in writing his latest novel, Fire of the Sun.

Simon describes the inspirations behind the writing of his second novel, Red Sunrise.

Simon talks about the motivation for writing his first book, Seed of Satan.