Simon Laffy Author

After 30 years of professional music making, is extending the ladder and contributing to the arts and culture magazine, Trebuchet, writing ‘Make Better Music’ – an insider’s view to the creative process and the obstacles to climbing that mountain. He’s currently finalising his third novel.


“Against the background of a war torn and embittered Europe, Seed of Satan runs a taut journey through 20th century history, detailing the role and rise of science as an agent of freedom and death. Laffy’s prose runs at a high speed as we witness the characters come to grips with what this new power means, reaching a crucible of social and spiritual disquiet on the Western Front.”

Kailas Elmer,
editor, Trebuchet Magazine


“Simon is a really natural storyteller, in that he makes you want to keep turning pages. He makes you care about the characters and what happens to them. Moreover, the plot is well constructed with attention to historical detail, but never to the point where this overrides the flow of the tale. That’s a clever balance not everyone can achieve.

“Like all excellent writers, Simon keeps you engrossed. You want to know what happens next. And when you’ve finished the book you feel exhilarated to have gotten involved with the twists and turns, but disappointed it is over. The temptation is to start reading it all over again. A sure sign of quality.”

Malcolm Dome,
journalist and author


“Simon successfully blurs the lines between fact and fiction while keeping within the framework of historical accuracy. At the same time making sure the reader is totally engaged. Well done, Simon!”

Phil Collen,
rock musician and author